1. M

    Frank Zappa's Jazz Allures

    I am happy to share the second part of “Frank Zappa’s Jazz Allures”, which – together with Part 1 – in about 5 hours tries to highlight the jazzier side of Frank Zappa, especially through the renditions of his work played by countless jazz musicians/bands. Of course there’s plenty of Zappa...
  2. S

    Jazz Inquest

    I used to call these type of threads 'X Autopsy', but Reynolds gave me an Oxbridge bollocking and told me to call them inquests. You could argue a rough definition of Jazz being music that incorporates Jazz harmony, swing time and improvisation. Those individual components continue to be...
  3. mairi

    Is there anybody who likes jazz?

    Hey guys. Is there anybody who admires jazz? I think it's kind of music which not everybody understand but lots of people like. Which doers you like most?
  4. bruno

    keith jarrett

    another case of i didn't like and now i do, i'm deep into tribute and standards. tell me what is dear to your heart and what is avoidable, i'm wary of the super prolific but intrigued.