1. Viral Radio

    12-05-09 - Viral Radio - Show 3

    The third show is online at 3voor12 now and up for download, podcast and stream. A bit messy in the beginning, but that is what you get when swine flu breaks out in times of recession. Some recent dubstep releases by Mala, Coki, Kromestar, Skream - on Deep Medi, and not Hyperdub as I say in the...
  2. Viral Radio

    Radio - Viral Radio 3voor12 with Juha and Cinnaman- 14 April 2009

    Hi everyone, Cinnaman and Juha are back with Viral Radio. We have moved to Dutch public network VPRO 3voor12. We will do a one hour show every two weeks, in English! The first show is up already. You can subscribe to the podcast here Nosaj Thing - Lords Dizz1 - Clocks Computer Jay - Untitled...