1. sufi

    Dissensus Gothic

    I think its time. Goth has always been a quiet undercurrent here and everywhere, which nobody dared express, now it feels like it all makes sense: the overblown symbolics, pseudohierophancy and mysticism, the haunticles and the brooding, these grim tory times the terrible music obvs has been a...
  2. Bomb Sandwich

    BrokOut@Sedgwick Ave, Leeds - this Fri 2nd March £1 (grime, old/future garage, techy)

    I'm not involved with the night really but think it's quality (ie. you get a decent quota of grime music) so thought I'd put it up on here. Night is run mainly by Rusha. Other styles played include garage, bassline, techno/dancehall-type modern stuff that I don't know shit about, some future...
  3. Bomb Sandwich

    Normal Man - 'That Joyless Vibe' noise-rock debut album (free download)

    We put this out on cassette through Horrible Injury in August, thought we'd up it for free download. We've been compared to Pissed Jeans, Brainbombs, Bleach-era Nirvana, Cherubs and Butthole Surfers. Not sure how many on here are feeling that kind of stuff, but I come on here a fair bit (mostly...
  4. Bomb Sandwich

    Horrible Injury Podcast - hardcore, noisey rock, electro, doom etc

    Ey up, this is the first podcast we've done. Horrible Injury is a night that we (Normal Man) have been doing up in Leeds - most acts on here are ones we've put on or shall be in the future. Plenty ard, doomy and mindless vibes. http://www.mediafire.com/?nxzzwjhywdm
  5. Bomb Sandwich

    Free experimental music/horror film all-dayer on Sunday (25/10) in Leeds!

    -H&G 3 sees the first airing of THE BEARDED SLAVE: KANU THE STORY OF A WARRIOR – a project featuring Everal Walsh (narrator), Noah B Brown (words), Gavin Lawson (music), Ogi (visuals) & Brave Dave (sculpture). http://www.myspace.com/thebeardedslave http://thebeardedslave.blogspot.com -A...