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  1. sus

    Is Norman Fucking Rockwell all it's cracked up to be

    Look, no question, the opening few tracks are bangers, there's solid Joni Mitchell type lyricism on the title track, and Venice Girl culture desperately wanted for representation. But does the album hold out over its duration? Is she really one of America's great contemporary songwriters? And is...
  2. T


    I don't believe in the 100gecs project as an aesthetic roadmap. Yet it is undeniable that there is an innovation here, formally speaking. In that there is literally no music. What I mean by that is not kind of elitism or snobbery about proper music but this: that when you play 100gecs, what you...
  3. connect_icut

    Indie Renaissance?

    I'm interested to know if anyone here buys into the idea that indie rock is currently experiencing a minor creative renaissance. In particular, I'm thinking of bands like The Dirty Projectors and Gang Gang Dance. Other relevant acts might be A Sunny Day in Glasgow, High Places, Micachu, Mount...
  4. T

    Ooh, watch out Dissensus indy-rock haters!

    Did anyone see this toss in the Guardian yesterday?,,1704890,00.html Choice quote: "Now it's our turn to give a smug "up yours" to the punk generation et al. The Arctic Monkeys signal the triumph of a new wave that is going to be remembered as...