1. A

    Texas Tape Music

    My friend from the UK and told me I should check out this site but I haven't found a whole bunch for Collage/Concrete-ish/Experimental music yet so I'm shamelessly starting a thread for the like.. I make stories from cassettes using many samples (burp) Praise God...
  2. U

    Ubee - Brave New World [Mix]

    Long time reader, first time poster..... UBEE - BRAVE NEW WORLD Your meditation topics for today include the future, the past inside the present, and these internet machines that we pour our heads into, attempting to re-map real life but instead conjuring up a hyper communication space where...
  3. D

    What's Happenin' - A Rap Report (2011)

    This is a kinda Hip Hop 2011 mix I've just done. I did it for a non-hip hop audience, partly trying to show the range and diversity of the music these days. It's not anywhere near definitive or even aspiring to be - my game aint that deep - but I'm pretty happy with it. Good reflection of my...
  4. geiom

    Geiom - Nazar mix

    A mix of music from Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Afghanistan..... http://www.thedailystreet.co.uk/2010/10/006-geiom/