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    I made a music video for my jungle track

    'What Time It Is' is single from my forthcoming jungle album 'Jungle Technology'. I'm aiming to release it on August, and it's full of same style. I have seen some effort for album entity, story and theme, so it will be worth listening from start to finish. Also, there's going to be small run of...
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    Bazooka Life

    Bazooka Life Official Video - 7 Tracks - 5 Unreleased Tracks Enjoy :)
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    Best new music videos

    new to dissensus so sorry if this is an old topic but does anyone know any amazing new music videos. have to say the el guincho, 'bombay' video is the best ive seen this year. but also really impressed by roman garvas work with Justice and M.I.A.... its an exciting time for music videos...