1. sufi

    BBC World Service junk auction - nearly everything you need to start a radio station

    http://www.ppauctions.com/auction.php?thisPage=4&id=67&perPage=20&sort=2&search=&cat=all via rewch liking the look of Lot 63- Pulse Megamouth 20W wireless PA system - latest bid just £55
  2. sufi

    'cracktro' music & keygen bravado

    an under appreciated art form - software bandits' tags off war3z/cracked software... http://keygenmusic.net/ for some reason crackerz seem unable to resist signing their work, so these have evolved out of the elaborate ascII tags http://www.rajuabju.com/warezirc/wareztags.htm via amiga the...
  3. D

    what is funky house?

    i've been tracking the "what's gone wrong with grime thread" -- nothing to contribute of course -- but i follow what you uk people are up to regardless and in course of reading the thread, i learn that "funky house" is supposedly the rage in london call me needlessly skeptical, but does the...