1. S

    SWIVEL - London's Future Garage Night - Sun 30 May

    Sunday 30th May (Bank Holiday Sunday, no work Monday!) 9pm-5am @ The Russian Bar, 267 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AS Cost: £5 all night Nearest Tubes: Old Street & Liverpool Steet Buses: 149 (London Bridge, Liverpool St), 242 (Liverpool St, Tottenham Court Rd), 243 (Waterloo, Holborn...
  2. Mr. Tea

    What does 'rational' (or 'irrational') even mean anyway?

    Arguably it's profoundly irrational for me to be posting shit on the internet when I should be asleep. But be that as it may... Zhao's whole argument in the 'mystery' thread seems to hinge on the idea that there are two fundamentally different worldviews; two different ways of seeing things, of...