scraping the bottom of the barrell

  1. subvert47

    When Do We Stop Finding New Music? (y) Although... ...looking at that list, I'm not sure there was much sonic exploration to begin with 😘
  2. Mr. Tea

    Reality not so much 'fake' as being scripted by Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci - examples

  3. sufi

    Apple is Dodgy

    A thread for Apple users to get all defensive
  4. Woebot

    Simon Reynolds

    this will no doubt cause blissblogger intense embarassment and awkwardness. TOUGH SHIT SIMON. he is likely perfectly happy NOT being the subject of any hagiography. "it's not a competition" he might say in all sincerity - typical of his self-effacing modesty. but we're going to do it anyway...