sleng teng

  1. C

    Early digi reggae

    Following on from the Nitty Gritty can people add some digi reggae ? I only know the obvious ones so ill start with this Kenny Knox
  2. N

    TOP 5 electronic pieces of all time ????

    Electronic Music has always been a fertile ground where composers & producers from different backgrounds & genres have cross-pollinated. [event spam deleted - see thread in events - JE] We would like to invite you to send us your TOP 5 electronic pieces of all time. Whatever genre you like -as...
  3. Woebot

    Will youth be fooled again?

    David Stubbs here: talking about the RIUASA panel discussion (more mileage out of this still!) and nails the current cultural climate for me with deadening accuracy: "People talk about a ‘dumbing down’ but in the way it’s different...
  4. Grievous Angel

    John Eden and Paul Meme present Lyric Maker (from England and Jamaica): an eighties d

    Here, at last, is the long-awaited eighties dancehall and fast chat mix from me and John Eden. Blog entry: Just the audio: I suspect this is probably the best 80s dancehall mix you'll hear this year :).