1. abodywithoutorgans

    is Space Nature?

    so many threads on 'outer space' in the 'nature' subsection. so it ought to be asked: is space nature
  2. bruno

    ashra/manuel göttsching

    so, ashra roughly 1974 to 1978. manuel götsching's inventions, paris downers, new age of earth, blackouts, the private sessions issued much later but containing incredible versions from the period. this stage of mr. göttsching's music seems so appropriate to this age of crisp hubble images and...
  3. Mr. Tea

    'Rot of the stars' - most Lovecraftian natural phenomenon EVER?

    "There have been reports of pwdre sêr (Welsh for rot of the stars) for centuries..." Could be something more down-to-earth, of course, but still rather creepy:
  4. M

    Hawkwind / Gong

    What are your favourite releases by them? Do you admire them? :)