spam recipes

  1. craner

    Favorite Spam Mail Headers or Messages

    These can be quite profound and/or complex. I always check just in case. This is not the best, but it arrived today and made me think (a lot more than most contemporary literature ever does): Come boldly and see how we fucked - REMEMBER?
  2. M

    Spam - Att Ov Admins

    Looks like the Bots have got in and are sending spam by PM - this user sent me a mail about DVDs - mpprofiec
  3. B


    Just got a scam e-mail pretending to be from the Nigerian Fraud Squad, offering to reimburse me for money lost to onlne scammers. Amazing.
  4. Viral Radio

    Radio - Viral Radio 3voor12 with Juha and Cinnaman- 14 April 2009

    Hi everyone, Cinnaman and Juha are back with Viral Radio. We have moved to Dutch public network VPRO 3voor12. We will do a one hour show every two weeks, in English! The first show is up already. You can subscribe to the podcast here Nosaj Thing - Lords Dizz1 - Clocks Computer Jay - Untitled...
  5. P

    best porn spam sender ever

  6. A

    why dubsteppers should forget about myspace, facebook, virb...

    this topic was about a totally different thing, but since after someone calls you "nob" here, lots of people jump in very interested to look at what you have to offer, i changed my point... so i was promoting a social network, underlining its strong points that are making it better than the...
  7. Mr. Tea

    Completely bonkers physics spam

    This arrived (unsolicited) in my inbox the other day. I have no qualms leaving in the guy's contact details as it was sent out as spam, so he obviously doesn't mind people knowing about him. Make of it what you will - I'm just thrilled to read about 'ethers' and 'vortices', it reminds me of all...
  8. jenks

    undelivered mail spam

    I'm not a technological whizz and so am asking for a bit of help here. In the last week my inbox has been clogged up with 'undelivered messages' that have been bounced back to me from all over europe and yet i have not sent these messages in the first place. Anything i can do to end the 20-30...
  9. Woebot

    Nigerian Bank Fraud Spam Thread

    Dedicated to the dissemination of Nigerian Bank Fraud Spam