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    Corruption, 'Deep Politics', etc.

    I think it's time we have a separate thread for this sort of thing as sticking everything in the conspiracy thread immediately tars it all with the same brush, a brush that's increasingly being used to shrink the field of acceptable debate and group proven conspiracies and more plausible...
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    Linebaugh does tattoos

    There are some really good ones
  3. Clinamenic

    Toward a Mythos of Extropy

    We are titans of phantasmagorical complexity, extropic constructs of nature, stewards of our own destiny. Something to that effect, I think, may be a good taste of a new mythos, a culture to underpin and integrate our ongoing efforts of science and humanism. A twofold goal, not solely...
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    OK, so not really. But sort of a theoretical stance. 'The vegetable way' as something to ponder. This is the key text, which contains the idea. From Jacques Tournier's 'Friday, Or the Other Island' (1967). Tourneur was a school friend of Deleuze's who failed his Philosophy Professor exams, so...