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O' Donnell is off the scale she's that dagenham.

i used to pay attention to US politics but a lot less these days, we need Padraig (us) or mos dan or rumble or someone like that up in this thing.

hopefully undecideds in Delaware will be driven into the arms of the Democrat person what w O' Donnell besting the GOP's more mainstream guy that was sat there?

Palin is a fox. a scary, dangerous, stupid fox.

but a fox nonetheless.


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i can not separate what i know from what i see... Palin's visage literally makes me nauseous.


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i can not separate what i know from what i see... Palin's visage literally makes me nauseous.

oh lord, agree 1000%. but i also just don't find her attractive AT ALL, regardless of her politics. it's that horrible middle america look that's tolerable on nice people but just really bugs me on manipulative far right, ultra-religious dumbasses like her. she also looks like many of the obnoxious people i've worked with/encountered stateside.

maybe the only reason anyone thinks she's attractive is because 99% of our other politicians are old white guys.

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none of those women are any prettier than people I see on my walk to work every day. And bearing in mind I walk through the city of London, they probably aren't any more right wing either :)

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of all the many dissensus regulars who are no longer around, pretty sure I miss scottdisco the most

a classier and genuinely nicer dude (in online discourse, anyway, never met him irl) you couldn't find

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also man I had not thought about Christine O'Donnell in a long time

"I am not a witch", a truly great moment in American politics. but when things could be funny, rather than just unrelentingly grim.


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Sarah Palin was like a comet zooming across the American sky. A blazing vision of the Republic's future. Her position in its history is fascinating and symbolic.

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it's easy to retroactively read into things, but in this case I agree

she was a bellwether of the depth and force of the ugly feelings lurking just beneath the domestic surface of the pax americana

that vast iceberg of discontent and disillusionment

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tho at the same time, just another in the endless iterations of the paranoid style in American politics, as old as the Republic itself


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id love to read craner on palin. shes more interesting than oliver letwin to me.