(mix) Gunshae: The Way of the Gun (Lessons One & Two) for the 11:11 Agency


The Konspirator
If you’re just tuning in… where have you been? We’re releasing 11 podcasts in the month of November, one everyday from the 1st to the 11th. Oh, you’re welcome. It’s our pleasure, really.

For the 7th podcast of our November’s Eleven podcast series, we continue the northbound road trip from yesterday further to a familiar place we’ve been before: Vancouver, Canada. And we’re crashing on Gunshae’s couch.

Gunshae is Kuma and Lady Eve, the individuals behind Vancouver’s Konspiracy Group, an organization known internationally for its decade long championing of bass music, soundsystem culture and panambience.

Kuma is captain of the good dub ship. Surely you remember Kuma from our February podcast. Scroll down and have your dome blown back, it’s most definitely contender for podcast of the year. It was so good I had to have him submit one more podcast for us this month.

Lady Eve is the founder and curator of the Panambient Series and host of Panambient FM, heard every fortnight, Tuesdays at 3pm PST via Fnoob.com

Gunshae is what happens when a classically trained musician and a notorious DJ with a passion for improvising, jam on the sound of stuff and things. It’s molten woodwinds and Satie references. It’s heavy drones and show tunes played by a band sitting on a veranda after one too many mint julips. It’s discrete music for the wifi generation. Gunshae plays live and Gunshae makes records. Gunshae’s second album, “Out Of Darkness, Light,” is due out in 2012 on Ohm Resistance. Gunshae does not normally DJ, the individuals involved are well known enough for that as it is.

This however is a panambient DJ set spawned somewhere between Vancouver, Cancun and the stars.

11-11 Agency presents: The Way of the Gun (Lessons One & Two)
An Exclusive mix from Gunshae

Lesson 1: Lady Eve
The Orb – Sleeping TIger & the Gods Unknown
Ryan Teague – Coins and Crosses
Reality Sandwich – Rhodonea Curve
Stars of the Lid – Mullholland
Ambientportal – Minimal Senses
Loscil – Windless
Eluvium – Ostinato
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Voigt Kampf
Plaid – Two Rooms

Lesson Two: Kuma
Bjork – Joga (Buzz Water Mix)
Ben Frost – I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin
Hildur Gunadottir – Iridescence
Tim Hecker – Hatred Of Music Pt. 1
Grouper – Dragging The Streets
Fennesz – Liminal
Gunshae – I Left My Heart At Arena Mexico
Sunn 0)) – Che
Ramses III – We Shall Never Sing Of Sorrow
The Sight Below – Shimmering
Deepchord – Untitled
Orcas – Until Then