Locker room talk: rolling basketball thread


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do you think its true that wiggins found out he isnt the father of his children and thats why he's missing time? I think its true
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Celtics gonna give me a heart attack. So inconsistent, dominating quarters followed by turnovers, poor shot selection, and various mental breakdowns, then redeemed at 0.2 left (by the luck of a clock reset). Some games Tatum drops 40+, other games he takes only two shots in the third or fourth quarter. Home court for game 7 isn't necessarily the automatic advantage it is for other teams, they are barely .500 there in these playoffs. But can the Heat come back after such a crushing late-second loss? Have to admit it was hilarious to see the stunned looks of all the Miami fans who were celebrating and high-fiving when they took the lead at 3 seconds left, what could possibly go wrong at that point, right? Weird series.