Best Scenes in Cinematic History

Mr. Tea

"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN

@Mr. Tea @Mr. Tea @Mr. Tea @Mr. Tea for everyone else tea was saying in the other thread how he couldn't believe anyone could consider shit like lord of the rings in the same breath as harry potter which he thinks is the greatest story of all time

this clip is good because harry potter fights one of the men who does sets on HOR
Damn straight. Tolkien isn't fit to scrub Rowlings's boots, as any fule kno.

As an aside, it's funny that now that @WashYourHands is (as far I know) ignoring me (again), the only interaction I have with him is seeing a little 'haha' reaction from him on any post, by any person, on any subject, that's a reply to me and is mildly snarky.