Name a good song about football


Wild Horses
Inspired by this atrocity.

I'm doing this thread on Facebook as well and have found maybe one song. What is out there?


Wild Horses
Meant to for years, just managed not to so far.
The Shakira is a cut above so many other football songs but that's not saying a lot.


New Order did a dreadful song,
has anyone on fb come up with anything even remotely OK?
football brings the worst out in music


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I really like "Waka Waka" but the optics of Shakira performing it aren't great, are they. "We are all Africa" hmm.


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I'm Scottish and I have zero interest in football as a sport but I really like "Three Lions*" because it's not a song about victory or defeat, but a song about hope, and who isn't endeared to an underdog?

(*specifically the original version. The 98 version has terrible lyrics)


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Songs that are designed to accompany football tournaments/teams sort of have to be chantable, which obviously imposes limitations. Within those parameters Three Lions reigns supreme (as much as I hate the very thought of David Baddiel) and I also really like World in Motion. (Awful rap included.)

You wouldn't ever listen to these songs on your own at home, or even with other people in a non football context. But they're inhabiting some sort of genre of their own.

Funny how 7 nation army has become so ubiquitous in football, at least based on watching the euros. And again, it's not the song itself but the chantable, slightly dumb sounding riff.