jungle remixes of non-jungle artists


Nothing to say that actually answers the question, but I just wanted to remark that this bit below...

It got me thinking about that time when the market was flooded with jungle / d+b remixes of major label artists - when the remixer would often submit basically one of their own lesser tracks with only the barest trace of the original remaining

Most would have been mercenary and cursory, but every so often there'd be something really good,

... is very similar to library music. Throwaway stuff that was really recorded almost to fill up space and with the expectation that virtually no-one would listen to it and that those that did would pay no attention. This situation being one that, of course, tended as a rule to create lazy music with minimum effort involved, but which, every now and again, might just give someone the idea "Perhaps I can finally have a crack at that weird freak-out with all the fx that no-one is prepared to put out and give a chance to properly".


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Back on topic though - this uncredited remix of Peter Andre "Mysterious Girl" is faaaaaar better than it had any right to be. Still not quite "good" good but absolutely in keeping with the original post here.