Is it possible to be a serious person/have serious expereinces?

padraig (u.s.)

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I'd never say it was necessarily better but there is probably something, in re seriousness, in the way that more people used to read books and dress more formally and etc. Or I guess more to the point that it was much more difficult/impossible, and much less socially acceptable, to live a kind of perpetual late adolescence. People just had to grow up for the most part, whereas now, it's often a choice. Not that "grown-up" necessarily == "serious", but they are surely related.

But yes, however you slice it, seriousness us thrust upon some people by circumstances. Otherwise it's a choice you have to proactively make, or not.
I still take myself very seriously, but really this is only tenable if I'm able to discharge some of the pressure via irony or some such, making fun of my own high self-regard.
But to Leo's point, yeah it can be really annoying. Took me a while to actually understand that, hence the "deneuroticization" swing. Lately I feel somewhat less serious.


Cat Malogen
Srsly srs

Have you made life changes to adapt to work/relationships/illness/fortune? They’re all serious, experientially. Moved to another country and been a resident long enough to assimilate fully? Same. All tied to confronting choices or lack off but you have to make room for pleasure and fun

In a JBP Kermit voice - The longer you put off confronting the serious elements of life, well, golly, you better be bloody aware of such unexamined existential consequences of not committing to srsly srs


vs. being irresponsible and accepting that you are not even a minuscule blakean blip in posterity's whirling cosmosphere