Film Posters


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My dad bought me a big book of old film posters for my birthday one year, all the classic ones for stuff like Blowup and Leone's Dollars trilogy. Never really look at it, but they're great. Much nicer than the stuff you see nowadays.



They used to have a great Polish or maybe Czech poster for El Topo on the wall of my local pub. Let me see... this one I think


I love the stark simplicity of that. I think the problem is that at any particular time there is a dominant style and everything starts to look the same and boring, then things from other eras start to look exotic and enticing even though many - not all - are probably examples of a style that was dominant and boring in their era.


Is there a better summation of the way Hackney changed in the 21st century than to say it became the sort of place where you could expect to see an Eastern European poster for a hitherto obscure South American psychedelic film on the wall of a pub?