Words and phrases to cancel

Former and latter - most of the time I have to go back to read the order you mentioned the things just because you want to sound clever - just repeat the things. Now you'll say ah but what if the are two complicated arguments without a name, its handy to summarise. NO write a better paragraph that doesn't require you to refer back to the order, failing that just say first and second
Former is ok to describe a previous state of being imo, and 'latter day saints' sounds cool so there are caveats here. but together I despise. and not just because im thick no!


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"conversation", especially about needing a "conversation around" something ( it's "about", don't pussyfoot "around", just be direct )

or "difficult conversations" - i.e., you're sacked
I don’t want to imply plain English is always the way, that would make life a lot less colourful. It’s more about what the use of certain phrases in certain contexts says about the speaker and their what they want to say about themselves. And this is probably about class
And when we say things in certain ways to sound smart. I’m sure I’m guilty of it. Something to signal your superiorities. Small sadistic pleasure in speaking in a way that excludes and all that
It’s interesting to think about the academic left and theory and abstractions that aim to liberate the working classes, in this context. Don’t insult intelligence of reader on one side and speak in the language of your audience on the other

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"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
"Growing" things such economies. But I'm sure I've already said that in the business-speak thread.

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"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
The way almost any cultural product now "drops" rather than getting released, published or broadcast.
I’m wondering if I’ve said most of these things once or twenty times - maybe im the biggest cunt in work 🤔
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'whipsmart'. it's an american word i think. i think it means 'young and clever'. but all those words are a bit horrible really. 'bright' is as well. i guess because they're the kinds of words that people don't use about themselves, they're descriptors of other people.