Chipmunk vocals?


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Like them or not?

What are good old school examples other than Finest Illusion? I like Bay B Kane - Because of U. Sure there's more! Jog my memory please, folks?


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yeah great. rza is the first person i remember using them in hiphop long after the UK had discovered the affective depths they open up. then kayne made them trite.


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Syko And Mak - Rough & Dangerous (Out Yer Bass Mix) ( 1992 )

ah yes, chipmunk vocals
an essential component of '92 'ardcore, ableton live didn't exist back then, none of that algorithmic magic matching tempo to pitch shit

u know the score, etc.,

edit; i has better exzasmpleas lined up but asas you can see my keyboard was not behasving correctly


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Not funny, my MacBook air is fucked, posting this from my 30 quid Chinese cheapskate Android knock-off

I might have spilled some rum on a MacBook but surely ..

Jobs was the guy who when the engineers pleaded with him, "~~Steve we can't make this prototype iPhone smaller!" and then he tossed it into his Bond villain shark tank and then declaimed: "there are bubbles! - you still have room -YOU CAN STILL COMPACT!"

wtf, I spill a little bit of rum on a macbook and now I'm locked out




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i can't be bothered typing out the relevant passges from the Shaun Ryder 'autobiography' so here's the paraphrased version

In the Caribbean, in 1992, crack cocaine was ruinously cheap. “You’d pay £20 for a tiny pea in England,” Ryder recalled, while “over [in Barbados] you’d get a rock the size of a conker for 20 pence.” In what is a terrifying image, he and Bez began spending time in barren crack dens populated by teenagers listening to Reggae 45s at 78rpm

( emphasis mine )


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electro chipmunk vocal classic

Newcleus - Jam On It ( 1984 )



I've been intending to write some sort of opus on Henry Stone, Sunnyview*, the mess of other labels he owned, and the accidental origins of Miami Bass due to a crack fuelled sex session with some 'exotic dancers' in the studio, but I'm a lazy sod

* "Sunnyview" was the label this originally came out on, although of course I first heard it on some Streetsounds Electro compilation like everyone else in the UK... I used to love listening to the first two Streetsounds comps on acid ( nostalgia, sigh )

edit: can you spot Jean Claude Van Damme as "background scenery" in the video above?

edit: another hint - JCVD is wearing blue shorts (@ 5:59 ish )

edit; i used to work with a woman who used to laugh about her brother spray painting 'popping 'n locking' on her parents garage door - he's now the number one authority in the uk on *** ************

edit; there's probably a whole post i could make about the woman in the white sweater in the Breakin' clip that features in the video above who ended up starring in Ninja 3: The Domination and her bad working relationship with "boogaloo shrimp", but someone else has already done that:

The Story Behind Ninja III: The Domination