0bleak: Beat Them in the Middle - Part 1


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New mix available for streaming and download with tracks in a variety of styles from the past to the present, but also a good bit of new and old dnb.
It's also perfect for getting the body moving and "regenerating muscle tissue" as it says in the mix just after 1 minute.
Yen Tech: Acceleratus [Svbkvlt]
Dom & Crystl: Zero Point [Over/Shadow]
San: Half In [Rua Sound]
Dom & Roland: Hydrolicks [Moving Shadow]
Neotech: Valves [Moving Shadow]
Homemade Weapons: Crewcut [Samurai]
Loxy & Resound: Inversion (Ruffhouse VIP) [DROOGS]
Yen Tech: Acceleratus (other part) [Svbkvlt]
Decoder: Fog [Hardleaders]
Somatic Responses: T 1X [Pflichtkauf]
Genotype: Extra Terrestrial (Dom & Roland remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Cocktail Party Effect: C_A_T_C_R [Sneaker Social Club]
Squarepusher: Vortrack (Fracture remix) [Warp]
Final Dream: Pain Amplifier [Audio Illusion]
Capone: Voice [Hardleaders]
Ed Rush: Skylab [Metalheadz]
Oake: Paysage Dépaysé (Killawatt remix) [47]
Tapefeed: Lidocaine [Mord]
Operant featuring Ayarcana: Before Skin [Liber Null]
A.D.C.: MTA-100 [X-Forces]
Swordsmith: Blindado [Phormix]
Paragon: Furious [Paragon]
Cheb Terro vs DJ Die Soon: Nika7 [Drowned by Locals]
DJ Speedsick: Dance With the Devil (Entro remix)
Dom & Roland: Aliens [Dom & Roland]
smog: Abschluss Scan [oqko]
Baby T: Estrogen Attitude [CPU]
Rommek: Cloak and Dagger [House of Reptile]
Nze Nze: A Kele Nkoo Oking [Teenage Menopause]
Scotch Rolex feat. Lord Spikeheart: Sniper [Hakuna Kulala]
Meer: Onzour Shayatini [Arboretum]
Roho: Storm [Samurai]
Special Request: Replicant [Houndstooth]
Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons: Scar-H [117]
Pushlock: Chaotic Neutral [XCPT]
Slave to Society: Demeter [Mokum]
San: Last [Rua Sound]