Invisible Sounds vs Switchdance @ Cosmos Campolide Fri May 5th


Switchdance is one of Lisbon's best regarded DJs, resident of Lux for fourteen years he has opened and closed the big fuck off room there for loads of the world's best or at least biggest DJs before packing that in in search of more interesting/underground gigs and it will be in no way any kind of step down for him to join Lizatron and IdleRich in smashing the granny (or as much of her will fit in there) out of Cosmos.

Residents of Lux have to sign a thing saying that they won't play anywhere else in Lisbon (although some play under fake names at times and they can play on the other side in Setubal or Almada or whatever - but then again who the fuck would want to do that) and now he's off the leash demob happy and ready to do some fucking damage probably.
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