how are your lots stomachs feeling

ghost of beiser

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Gastrointestinal health is a key marker of overall wellbeing. Have been thinking about an old Jung line lately:

"It is always a wise thing, when you discover a metaphysical truth, or find an answer to a metaphysical problem, to try it out for a month or so, whether it upsets your stomach or not; if it does, you can always be sure it is wrong."

I'd like to know which of you have wrong metaphysics, so if you could line up and report, each of your stomachs, how it's feeling. Thanks muchly.

Mr. Tea

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My guts weren't very happy yesterday, but I put that down to the shock of a whole 24 hours of not drinking after getting hammered with my parents for a week.


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really weird, normally i dont even drink coffee but ive been living an afters since about a week due to dissertation work


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I will be disserting now. accepting recommendations for making your stomach good on holiday (it starts now or rather, whenever i wake up after this)


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i would guess it means burning midnight oil but what do i know about the youth speak
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Anyone here try Buckfast before? A so-called “tonic wine” made by the Benedictine monks, it’s presumably a fortified wine which tastes somewhat like a cola. Anyway apparently it’s popular within Irish hipster culture.


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it's so swanky
yeah it's delicious
It’s got quite a reputation, as a caffeinated alcoholic beverage 🤣

“In certain parts of Scotland, Buckfast is associated with drinkers who are prone to committing anti-social behaviour when drunk, especially drinkers under 18 years old.[11][12] The drink also has a very high caffeine content, with each 750 ml bottle containing the equivalent of eight cans of cola.[13] It has been suggested that this may cause it to act as a stimulant at the same time as removing inhibitions, self-control and a feeling of having drunk enough, though research into similar drinks have failed to find clear evidence for the latter effect.[14] A diet of four bottles a day has been described as 'not conducive to a long life' in a Scottish court.[15]

The beverage has entered the popular lexicon with nicknames such as "Wreck the Hoose Juice",[16][17][18] "Commotion Lotion",[16][17] "Cumbernauld Rocket Fuel",[17] "Mrs. Brown",[16] "Buckie Baracas",[19] "Coatbridge Table Wine",[19] and a bottle of "what the hell are you looking at?"[19] It has also earned the unofficial slogan, "Buckfast: gets you fucked fast".[18] The drink's prominence within the "Buckfast/Buckie Triangle" – an area east of Glasgow between Airdrie, Coatbridge and Bellshill – has raised concern.[18][19][20] In addition, the glass bottle has been blamed for allegedly contributing to litter and providing drunkards with a weapon.[17][19]


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its also caffinated as i understand it. not experimented extensively. said to make you go loopy loo. famously associated with juvenile crime in glasgow.
A similar product, Four Loko, was banned in the US in a few states I believed. Essentially it was marketed as an alcoholic energy drink, and someone told me people died because of it but I haven’t looked into it. Well technically it’s still around but I think they had to take the caffeine out.