Why was echo-friendly banned?

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to be fair to mark and matt he was being annoying. i think its fair enough to ban people like that.


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Mark Fisher had nothing to do with echo-friendly's banning. I banned him, permanently.



Fairly pointless trolling. Dissensus IS NOT IN COMPETITION WITH ILM. echo-friendly complains that dissensus looks atrocious (I'm doing my level best here!) yet when I spend valuable time on a Sunday evening making an alternative look available, ostensibly just for him, he hasn't the courtesy to drop me a line to say thanks.




"and this week's "deep unheard of insight" award goes to ................ the k-punk!


needlessly cruel and sarcastic response to MF's heartfelt and honest thread.




i approach echo-friendly extremely gently and ask him to cool down

"with the greatest of respect echo-friendly, had you approached mark just a little more even-handedly he might have been inclined to take your ideas on board/converse. just as anyone might! that you disagree with mark is fine, i do little else, but your approach does appear to border on the offensive. you've got a lot to say, you're a bright dude, i wonder if you could see it to be a bit more reasonable."

which echo-friendly then provides the usual glib reply to:




the final straw was echo-friendly's typically insulting reply to effay. effay isnt an administrator, and he was only trying to take up dominic's points in a reasonable manner.



at which point i decided that echo-friendly was nothing but a petty troublemaker, intent on upsetting people. so i banned him.


postscript: punters might be interested to know that "penfold" and "john kerrigan" are the same person.
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