Incident at FWD>> - What happened?


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We've just come back from playing over in Holland and sampling the nicest hashes, skunks, pills and whatever else we could get our hands on.

Wake up the next day after the gig...and get a text stating someone got bottled, the door got rushed, it was mad moody at fwd etc and it was their birthday bash!

What happened - never seen anything let alone a foot being trod on at fwd...we go away for a night and all this happens? LOL


Really? Shit, that's depressing...

I was there for tubby and geeneus and didn't see any probs

Was a lot more of a grime crowd than usual...


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LOL - before I get my head bitten off i'm not beginning to state it could've been a grime related incident. It's unfortunate shit like this happens, but its always happened in british dance music...

jungle was a joke!
garage became a joke!


Badmarsh said:
LOL - before I get my head bitten off i'm not beginning to state it could've been a grime related incident.

Hehe no comment. To be fair tho, it didnt seem that moody to me...


Badmarsh said:
jungle was a joke!
garage became a joke!

Don't get me wrong, I like what they do at FWD a lot, and if 'grime related' violence ended in the night getting locked off it would be a huge blow for the scene, but I have to ask, if jungle was a joke, and garage too, then what's dubstep?

A joke with no punchline?

A limerick?

A haiku?


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what im saying is...throughout the history of urban dance music there has always been an element which has brought violence...this has further been exagerated by the mainstream media...usually equating the problem with race....

forward's a wicked rave lets hope this shit doesnt happen again.


throughout urban culture there is violence. the only bringing bit is that music brings this side of life to the attention of mainstream media (cf. the innacurate 'music causes violence' cliche).


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Hi first post and all that.

It was certainly busier and livlier than the average fwd, especially when Geeneus and roll deep were on.

Didn't notice any trouble inside the club itself, only heard about some incident outside afterwards.

Very rare for this sort of thing to happen in Old Street area clubs.

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It wasn't as bad as you make it sound.

I was inside til the end of Geeneus set (which was perhaps the best set i've heard @ FWD), as I left there was a lot of commotion and I saw an ambulance and some police cars.

As far as I know the doors didn't get rushed at all.

The vibe wasn't moody in there at all, it was extremely packed to the point you couldn't move on the dancefloor, but the vibe was still good nonetheless.


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Yes a good vibe inside all night. Whatever happened shouldn't get hyped out of proportion.

I thought Newham Generals were really excellent too.

Logan Sama

It didn't happen inside the club.

Doors didn't get rushed.

Someone tried to glass somebody and thankfully failed, unfortunately they ended up having to face the wrath of a group of that somebody's companions for the night.
nah (c) big seac....don't get it twisted....

Melchior said:
Why would you want to see what the police constables have to say?

I meant politically correct but its irrelevant now........


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i didn't make it down, but martin's spot-on.
there is no pc answer to this.
however, it is total bollocks to say this is unusual in old street area clubs.
you can regularly see fights, often between drunken suits but equally frequently between pissed and coked up hipsters.
for instance, EVERY time i've EVER been to cargo, i've either seen or had beef, whatever the night.
it's disingenuous to say the violence is probably "grime-related".
it's better to say it's wanker-related and there are more of them then you can shake a fist at in that part of town.
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I've never seen trouble in herbal or plastic people especially on a weeknight. All I said was it is unusual.


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Logos said:
I've never seen trouble in herbal or plastic people especially on a weeknight. All I said was it is unusual.

i don't think its unusual anywhere in london. a few weeks back some tosser in the vibebar in shoreditch pushed one of my female mates flying because she dared to walk across the dancefloor when he was executing some moves.

the week before that, was at a club in the east end and again some drunken coked up dickhead tips a drink down the front of my mates top, tries to "wipe up the mess" with his hands and then became abusive when she objected. both times had to get aggressive with people so they backed off from my mates when all i wanted was a night out and maybe a little dance into the bargain.

london is getting much more nutty than it used to be and i've been going out in town for the over ten years. this has nothing to do with grime, or music in general. its totally unfair to point the finger at the music imo.

however, i blame the prevalance of cocaine as todays drug of choice.


bassnation said:
however, i blame the prevalance of cocaine as todays drug of choice.

People on coke are utterly utterly dull as well. :)
I think the combo of drinking then taking coke to carry on drinking is the real killer tho.
people loose every sense of decency they have, arrogance and aggression combined.

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I may be a factor but I reckon it's equally a cultural thing. The cocaine content of crowds in NYC at the moment seems to be higher than its been in a while and I rarely see anyhing go down. One of the things I love about living here. Last time I went home to Dublin I came close to getting into three fights in less than 10 days with drunken coked up assholes. Similar experience the last time I was visiting London. Been in NY over five years and the only altercation I've found myself in was with another Irish guy. My theory is that people are a little more careful about starting shit here because they're afraid of stepping up to the wrong person and ending up getting shot. Back home (for the most part) you’d have to be pretty unlucky to be on the receiving end of anything much worse than a few stitches or a good kicking.