The Moose revival starts here.

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Have been enjoying all this gabber-gabber about shoegazing on the forums...

But what about Moose? Who were not only one of the best bands to be lumbered with the shoegazing label, but also morphed into something close to alt-country (but with add brass sections and fuzz guitar) ten years before any of that happened, dug deeper into their own unique furrow of heartbroken pop-genius, releasing three of the finest albums never heard by anyone because fate decreed weirdly and they were completely ignored.

How can this be!?

There are a few of their albums available on amazon. Go shopping... you'll feel like the guy/gal who was listening to Nick Drake in 1982.

Then come back here, tell me if I'm right, and if I am,tell everyone else - and then you can tell your grandchildren you helped bring Moose back in from their snowy musical wilderness.
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Moose were also namechecking Jimmy Webb, Glen Campbell and Lee Hazlewood a good ten years before it became "fashionable" to do a band, they really got the shaft, probably because they were considered part of a scene they didn't belong in (it's pretty unfair that when you see the word "Moose", you immediately think of Chapterhouse, Lush, Th' Faith Healers, etc)...and that name, which they outgrew almost immediately...


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one more post in agreement, moose were amazing, particularly their whole 'astral country' thing circa "reprise"/"xyz". incredible stuff.

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Spring are a French band who exist somewhere between Moose and Saint Etienne...Russell Yates has guested on their stuff, and Spring's singer was on Moose's third LP...and let's not forget the great cover art on the various Moose LP's and EP's, which perfectly translates their sound...


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I really liked that track 'Suzanne' - they were kinda a better produced version fo the Pale Saints (who I really liked). But that shoegazer-country thing is totally bullshit, I mean Wilco are shoegazer-country.

They just responded to Reynolds article that wrongly bagged shoegazer bands (at the time, but not in hindsight, history) when he said their influences were weak and gave a checklist listing Tim buckly, Eno, Krautrock, a great article mind you)..So then all the shoegazer bands started trying to sound like Tim Buckley until JEFF BUCKLEY came along, and then Coldplay, Sigur Rossi and then...arrr they can all get fucked..!!