massive exotic fish catches gallery

Ness Rowlah

Norwegian Wood

specially like the 185 kg (400lbs) Pirarucu.

there's also a story in The Times on a man eating freshwater fish in India

Although the fish are returning in places, the giants described by Victorian and Edwardian writers are still elusive — with one exception.

Locals claim that in the Mahakali river a goonch has grown to such monstrous proportions from feeding on corpses from riverside funeral pyres that it no longer waits for its food to die. It has allegedly made off with a carpenter, a small boy and a fully grown buffalo. Man Singh, the buffalo’s owner, said: “It was as big as the buffalo.”


Theres some kind of species of giant vampiric freshwater eel here in Ireland that does similar things to cows grazing on lake banks...

Though I should probably try and find a link to back up such a gratuitous rural myth! :D