Dissensus north east london beers...

Meet up next week?

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john eden

male pale and stale
Some discussion on the Wasteland thread about meeting up for a drink in north/east london - maybe next week?

Maybe Tuesday 18th or Wednesday 19th? (As they are the only ones I can make!)

Maybe bring mix CDs?

who's in?
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john eden

male pale and stale
I'm in Stoke Newington/Stamford Hill.

Boom is in E1. I think Stelfox is Clapton?

In terms of easy places to get to, I would vote for:

1) Stoke Newington ;)
2) Hoxton / bottom of Kingsland Road
3) Maybe Angel/Islington if lots of people from outside Hackney fancy it?


Beast of Burden
i'm actually in hackney, so there's a ton of places we can all go. stokey has the shakespeare. i have the prince george at the end of my road which is a lovely boozer. must confess to something of an islington phobia, so preferably not there, but if it turns out that way i'm still game. will also have a ragga/reggaeton mix ready by then.

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
Hackney-ish sounds pretty appropriate I'd say- we're not an Islington board, really, are we? I'm not sure I'll be able to come, but if I do I'll try and bring something useful along.

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
18th / 19th should be OK for me too.

I'll be at Eden's, so I vote for Stoke Newington, cos it's less of a shithole than the rest of north east london :eek: .

Venues where burning is acceptable preferred :)

Actually Parkholme Road is virutally Stokey anyway so that's fine by me.

Do they do food?

Any decent ale or is it fizzy gassy lager?
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Beast of Burden
the beer's good at the george but it looks like i'm gonna be working late next week. should still be able to hook up by 9, but won't be able to invite a few of you over for food, pre-beer, which i was thinking of doing!


Dumpy's Rusty Nut
could do 19th ... unless you want to make it my birthday gig on 18th at the caernarvon castle in camden :D

no idea what the beer's like though


in south lunun,
a bit skint after crimbo,
but would love to join y'all in any accessible location
(comments on beer thread notwithstanding)


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i clicked on this thread by mistake,but have to admit,sad and all as it is, i laughed out loud at the third option in the poll


was minusone
boomnoise said:
i'm easy. i believe in the power of the bus. that is of course unless anyone would fancy coming to the bar i live above. ;)

top notch boozer bn - dangerous place to live tho, how do you keep outta there?

going to be out the country but drink one for me people


its great innit - and to be honest i don't stay away - it's an extension of my lounge! i think a dissensus gathering would be good there sometime. get some people on the decks it would be nangle.


was minusone
don't believe tower hamlets local authority luka, it's alright. The 'italian-style' food is pizza if i remember rightly, they're just bidding it up

anyway, what's a pub doing in their a-z of council services - does it get funding?
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