Famous London characters


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They might have been pushed further out. we had a few good ones when i was a teenager in deepest barnet, the peoples choice clearly being the diminutive old white bloke who haunted the charity shops. he very patchily shaved his own head and went around in a black cloak with a staff, the top of which boasted a green papier mache snake. on closer inspection the black cloak turned out to be one of the childs harry potter robes they used to sell in marks and spencer.

i was looking forward to him inducting me into the occult, or at least trying to sell me some speed, when i found him in the british heart foundation perusing the films. he sounded just like janet street porter, and goes to the shop assistant "ERE YOU GOT ANY MORE OF THESE? I'VE ALREADY GOT THIS ONE, SEEN IT LOADS" - he was holding up a Bratz DVD, and went on to explain that he puts them on whenever he feels a bit depressed. I left feeling incredibly disappointed and impressed.


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Does anybody know The Twins, the two Nigerian dandys from Islington who have cut-glass accents and swan around in orange overalls? They used to routinely come and visit me in Foyles.

Ishmahil Blagrove was the star at SC (retired now), but there was also The Master and Diane the WI Nazi.
YES. i saw them at the cashiers in sainsburys in camden ooh 27 years ago (is that actually possible? you're going to tell me they weren't born yet). never forgot.


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Thought Tim Westwood was, but..... Lowestoft (pretty obvious now really)