we've played loads of his beats, two months in a row. sick! zed, mj cole... both on fire. they've collaborated on an EP too.
The MJ Cole Volcano Riddim you've got is a top 5 tune atm.
Kinda hoping Funkstep doesn't stick really. What is it anyway? Dubstep producers making Funky beats (some, I could understand)? Or dubstep influenced beats made by Funky Producers (Narst may be an obvious example here, but to me it’s Funky that’s closer to Grime than anything else)?
Is it too early to call? Cross-pollination without formula is such a good look..


threads get mangled
i'm feeling the "funkstep" vibes more than the bait skank stuff and even some of the grimey stuff to be honest

Sick Boy

All about pride and egos
Not all Arabic people have noses that big. That is a big fucking schnoz. By anyone's standards.
lol@ everyone getting all shirty.