Tom Cruise scientology video


Good to know there are still papers that don't talk down to you!

Still, it's a fucked-up story. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Oh yeah, sorry, it might be used in such a way as to offend someone... :(

i've never really understood what's so bad about causing offence and why it's such an important thing nowdays that it's actually punishable by law.

laws against fraudulent mediums and spiritualists??

bit off the topic but part of the same problem no?


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Frankly, I'm offended by the boy's placard too. It's a sad indictment of our education system that a 16-year-old confuses the particles a and for and can misspell the word 'cunts' quite so badly.

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laws against fraudulent mediums and spiritualists??
So, it's illegal to describe Scientology as a cult but it's proposed that mediums and spiritualists must prove their claims or be subject to prosecution? Has the world of religion gone mad?

Or rather what's implied is that if you are legally defined as a 'religion' then everyone must accept and respect whatever you claim to believe. Brilliant, it's clearly the best wheeze going, tax breaks, charitable status and legal protection from being called a liar.

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Shub-Niggurath, Please

Mr. Tea

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Were you reminded of this thread because Travolta's son died yesterday, by any chance? It's very sad, but I just hope to god he didn't refuse any treatment for the kid because of his ludicrous beliefs or anything like that...


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This seems to be the default CO$ thread.

Yes it's sad about the kid. People are naturally always ready to stick the boot in but it's hard to say what the actual circumstances were.


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the reason Scientology is struggling to establish itself is because it is a stupid cult.

OK if you're a hardcore atheist you might say much the same about big religions but at least you have the consolation of oh i don't know, Islamic calligraphy or Gregorian plainchant or Iberian synagogue designs or etc etc.

what have this lot got?

Battlefield Earth DVDs.

i count this as the third Don't Panic spam in recent days on the board.


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Yeah, the previous user was banned. Use the "report post" button!

I hate that URL shortening services can be used to obfuscate this kind of nastiness... must be a dream for phishing.
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I'm now going to delete anything to do with Don't Panic and ban anyone who links to their site, or even thinks about them.
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I'm now going to delete anything to do with Don't Panic and ban anyone who links to their site, or even thinks about them.

In the spirit of Anonymous, I think the least Dissensus could do is raid Don't Panic and spam all the comments boxes to fuck. C'mon! Let's see some action, you mods should be leading by example. They've just shat on your collective porch, three times. You can't let 'em get away with this!


their office is 100 meters from where i am sitting now, they always leave their windows open...
spamming is their bisnis real life bigtime tho, ... how to spam a spammer?
(& sorry which is the 3rd spam? i missed it i think)