Ruffage Sesh - Ben UFO b2b Elgato - archive + TL zzap

UFO over easy

online mahjong
was a heavy show, loads of fun. proper improv vibes, i hope that came across

big up elgato for coming through and out to the dissensian mandem running the chat

1. Nubian Mindz - Seven (Subvert Central)
2. Claro Intelecto - Only Yesterday (Modern Love)
3. Shed - Warped Mind (Berghein)
4. UR - Codebreaker (Underground Resistance)
5. Millsart - Humana (Axis)
6. Deadbeat - Heathrow Express (Cynosure)
7. A Made Up Sound - Next (Soloaction)
8. Anthony Shakir - Shake It Up Dub (Remix) (KMS)
9. DJ Bone - Knowhere (Subject Detroit)
10. T++ - Space Break (Eriosion)
11. Madie Myles - I've Been Waiting (Dem 2 mix) (Azuli)
12. U.S. Alliance - All I Know (N.Y.S.C. Dub Mix) (Locked On)
13. Unknown - First You Say Yes! (Steve Gurley Mix) (RAS)
14. De Souza - Keep It Coming (Dem 2 Twist Up Dub Mix) (Locked On)
15. Tallisman - Bad Blood (Large Joints mix) (Locked On)
16. Digital Mystikz - CR7 Chamber (Rephlex)
17. Instra:mental - Futurist (Unreleased)
18. Horsepower - On The Run (Tempa)
19. Peverelist - On and On (Unreleased)
20. Pangaea - Coiled (Hessle Audio)
21. Untold - Discipline (Unreleased)
22. Grain - Untitled (FatCat)
23. Mala - Changes (Deep Medi)
24. Joe - Grimelight (Unreleased)
25. LV and Errol Bellot - CCTV (Hyperdub)
26. Horsepower - The Swindle (Tempa)
27. Martyn - Vancouver (3024)
28. F - The Phantom (Unreleased)
29. Logos - Frontier (Unreleased)
30. Geiom - Reminiscing (Geiomix) (Berkane Sol)
31. Sodium Nightlife - Jara (Unreleased)
32. Silkie - Dam4 (Soul Jazz)
33. Joker - Holly Brook Park (Kapsize)
34. E-D - Backlash (FL)

35. Leon Mar - Tha Men Who Fell To Earth (Reinforced)
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Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
12. U.S. Alliance - All I Know (N.Y.S.C. Dub Mix) (Locked On)
14. De Souza - Keep It Coming (Dem 2 Twist Up Dub Mix) (Locked On)

Two MASSIVE percies there!

Dem2... best garage group ever.

Better than El B.



I just dont know
i am of a similar disposition. Stone Cold gives considerable pause for thought but i dunno, something in Dem 2 tracks touches my imagination in a next way, it is some of the most radical music i can think of, but equally pure pleasure

in terms of artist legacies, Wookie is up there for me, but for quite different reasons. Steve Gurley too

and if we're talking about garage not 2step i can't ignore Tuff Jam!

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
Yeah, it's a tight decision but for me Dem2 and El B beat everyone, even Gurley, with Dem 2 just shading it. Though Lewis has quality in depth - I have 20 or so El B remixes I recently picked up that I haven't even listened to yet.

Wookie is good, but limited (and really a house boy). It's all about MJ Cole's remix of Battle.

hold tight for the Roots of El B cd + ep!

Ungh, again. Strong, strong mix. Cannot touch the Dem 2 dub mix, but loving the wonky washing machine vibe of the untold track too. They should play this stuff in Accident & Emergency, it would help blood clot.
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