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Thread: Syria

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    The massacres in Syria continue. Out of curiosity has anyone seen the below reported in any international media? Syrian deaths don't make the news anymore it seems. The host nation of the world cup continues to murder civilians and rescue workers but no one's that bothered. Imagine if these people were European.

    Names of 45 civilians killed by the Russian air force last night in Zardana town in Idlib province. About 80 civilians were also injured. It's likely the death toll will rise. The Russian jets returned when the White Helmets first responders arrived to rescue the injured and did a double-tap strike targeting the humanitarian rescue workers, again, and killed one Ali Baradee.

    Those who died are:

    1. Hussein Mohammed Deeb Hamroush
    2. Mohammed Mahmoud Hamroush
    3. Ahmed Hussein Hamroush child
    4. Mohsen Ahmed Hamroush
    5. Omar Gomaa Hamroush
    6. Rahab Hamroush
    7. Abdullah Aziz Yasef
    8. Sana Aziz Yasef
    9. Ahmed Ahmed Yassouf
    10. Abdel Hayy Fayez Yassouf
    11. Ibrahim Mohamed Yassouf
    12. Abdel Wahab Louki (Abutah)
    13. Wife Abdul Wahab Louki
    14. His daughter
    15. His son Taha Louki child
    16. Nadima Louki
    17. Murad Louki
    18. Mohammed Louki
    19. Amani Susie
    20. A little girl Amani Susi's daughter
    21. Khaled Soufan
    22. Mohammed Khaled Soufan
    23. The child of Ibn 'Abd Allah Ahmad is Yusuf
    24. Abdel-Qader Amoun
    25. Mustafa Sobh
    26. Mohammed Saleh Amin
    27. Amina, wife of Sheikh Mohammed Hamroush
    29. Mohammed Taha Loki
    30. Hassan Ahmad Al-Mahmoud
    31. Ahmed Khaled Othman
    32. Emad Al-Hamoud, displaced, seller of sweets.
    33. Fawza Mohammed
    34. Abu Hassan al-Hadhir
    35. His wife
    36. His daughter
    37.'Abd Ibn Amunah bint Khalid Hamroush
    38. An unidentified child
    39. Ahmed Hassan Yasuf
    40. His wife Sabriya Yasuf
    41. His son Abdullah Ahmed Yasuf
    42. The son of Abdullah, a child
    43. Dr. Eid Hamroush
    44. Ahmed Ibrahim Amoun
    45. Ali Baradee, White Helmet rescue volunteer.

    And more than 80 injured.

    One reported missing is
    -Majd Ahmed Hamroush
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    Death toll now over 50.

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    Some "good" news in that Germany have issued a warrant for one of Assad's torturers, based on victim testimony. Sounds like a similar case to that brought in Spain (as shown in the documentary Syria's Disappeared) - though IIRC that was a civil case brought by the families of one of the victims - and this is driven by Federal prosecutors.

    More on Assad and torture:

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