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    IN response 1) thanks - the letter is a very strange business: no one is quite sure who wrote it, both those who want to agree with it (thanks guys!) and those who clearly know it's beyond insane. Some people - artist Luke Turner, for example - have linked to it as if it were real, but he has a habit of accusing everyone of anti-semitism without foundation, so I'm not sure what that means. I don't think it's ok to also try to lose me things that are not my 'main job' either for the record. These people rampaging around trying to get everyone cancelled on the basis of paranoia and hearsay - who do they think they are? Who do they think other people are that need 'protecting' from 'dangerous ideas' - not that I am making any, beyond suggesting people should be free to think, read and discuss anything with anyone.

    2) This is a mean-minded and reductive description of both people. But I am ok with being criticised for sure, for appearing with people we are - what - supposed to shun? I think Justin's situation is absurd - hauled over the coals for tweets - I mean, really. His case tells us a lot about academic freedom today, which is to say, its disappearance. That Daniel protested the closure of an art gallery - so what? It doesn't make him a fascist.

    He wrote about the whole thing here: I reject the idea that we should accept on good faith the ideas of whoever wrote that mad Open Letter because they seem nominally 'left' and reject anyone who questions them because they might be accused of being a 'Nazi' for doing so. Justin writes a thread here about the whole recent thing as well:

    3) I don't see caring about men as being in opposition to caring about women. They are not and should not be in opposition. It's not a zero sum game.
    Really quickly - mean minded? I think I was giving them the benefit of the doubt by not going any further! Justin Murphy's case has nothing to do with "academic freedom" and everything to do with him being pointlessly provocative for reasons best known to himself, in a way that he knew would impact his job. And as for protesting that gallery - nothing to do with what's in that Open Letter, it was common knowledge that there were some really grim speakers involved. I didn't call him a fascist, either. The 'so what?' is a question for you to answer yourself, I think.

    It's not about 'caring for men' - that's fine, and no-one disputed that. It's about acknowledging how discrimination operates in this society. Saying society is really anti-men is...odd. Again, begs the question of who you think is shaping society.

    Anyways, I hope people stop scapegoating you soon - it's horrible, as said.
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    So are Josef and Justin planning a livestream to explore the ideas in the latest manifesto?

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    Some great tags going on in this thread. 'Evola virus' is inspired. Not sure who robocock is tho.
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