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Thread: How dodgy is soy?

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    And because my tolerance for sub-sophomoric 'discussion' has once again gone up in smoke...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomadthethird View Post
    the SSRIs that have been proven through research to successfully inhibit seratonin reuptake and rebalance neurotransmitters (serotonin specifically, but there are also dual-action SSRIs that work on dopamine channels as well), thus improving mood and decreasing suicidal ideation in the vast majority of patients who fit the criteria for treatment? It would be malpractice to deny them this treatment.
    Very off-topic Nomad, but my 21yr old bf told me today that his doctor has prescribed him the SSRI citalopram (20mg) for his depression / lethargy / anxiety etc. He's picking up the tablets on Monday. I'd appreciate your opinion 'cos neither of us have any experience of anti-depressant drugs, although he's been at the docs for depression & anorexica since he was about 16 so it's hardly a surprise that they'd eventually prescribe him something ...

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    just saw all this. only on here, and i guess a veg forum.

    anyway, padraig and nomad, how about you guys take a few days off and when you come back, just ignore each other. there's even a button that will do it for you automatically. clearly you don't get on and these indulgent marathon arguments ruin threads for other people that might be involved. it's selfish and it's getting really fucking boring, tbh.

    (ps - if anyone wants to continue the soy discussion just start a new thread)
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