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    what ails you?

    I have an allergy and it is most likely to my dog that I bought at the time. I could not get rid of allergies and did not want to give my pet. read that it is better not to keep the animal in his bedroom, ventilate the room, use air fresheners and preferably take medication. I listened and did...
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    Until recently, my sister had insomnia. I was very sad about it and I decided to fight it. So I went to the medical site and found many ways to improve sleep - more often by ventilating the room, drinking tea, taking a bath before bed and not sitting in the phone for 2 hours before bedtime. Also...
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    When I entered a university in another city, I became anxious. Because of this, I had no friends and there were also problems with my study. On one site, I found many effective ways to help me overcome anxiety ( online pharmacy if anyone is interested). I began to distinguish serious problems...
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    Deep House and Garage

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    What are you good at?

    I'm good at gambling (I'm very lucky). So my favorite game that has brought me luck is bacracat. I recommend this game to those who like to win not by logic (I play on firstcasino , where you can try yourself and your luck too). It is difficult to win a large sum of money there. The biggest...
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    Last year I had the same problem. I didn`t want to use any medication so I went to the doctor for help. So in the evening I didn`t sit on the phone and watch TV, every morning I went for a run and started eating healthy food. In two weeks saw the result. If you want to learn more about good...
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    Yesterday I watched the movie "The Sun is also a Star". This is one of the best romantic movies I've ever seen. The film is about everything that happens in our lives is not just a coincidence, but a destiny. So if you are destined to be together then you will definitely meet (even if in a few...
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    Western Movies

    I've loved watching westerns with my dad since childhood. A few days ago we watched his favorite movie "The Wild Bunch". Also very cool movies: - The Great Race - For a Few Dollars More - The Gold Rush - The Hateful Eigt - Back to the Future Part III We watch all this movies on Solarmovie. But I...
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    I don't think about money very often. I think money is important but not enough to do something illegal or immoral (such as selling drugs or impersonating people). They solve many problems and can bring joy, but they will not save you from old age or sometimes from illness. nor will they bring...
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    Favorite band names?

    The Beatles Queen Green Day Who also likes to listen to them?🤪❤
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    Do you trust the food you eat?

    I usually buy homemade fruits, vegetables and dairy. I take care of what I eat and try to eat only healthy foods (no fast food):)😄