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    Dj Deadtrax - Gabber house an exploration into European hardcore rave by Marc Dauncey

    An hour and forty minutes exploring the murky world of hardcore techno, gabber and a sprinkling of jungle and breakcore, ranging from 150 to well over 240 bpm, from 1992 right up to the present day. Full blog post and commentary here...
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    ELEKTRONIK - Sound tracks / Krautrock / Synth Pop

    I'm pleased to present my latest mix, Elektronik. A project to compile some of the most powerful synthesised music ever made - from the ultra minimal electronic soundscapes of John Carpenter through to new school electro artists such as Not Waving and Ekoplez, all with a common theme of old...
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    Some recent mixes of mine peeps might be interested in - HOUSE / TECHNO / AMBIENT

    Hey guys. Just some mixes I've posted recently. Dysphoric Dreams A dark ambient mix with a dystopian theme. Aphex Twin / Sunn o:))) / Brian Eno / Dead Can Dance Dysphoric Dreams II Part two of the series, moving into psychedelic house and techno Ben's Wolves / Damien Wilde / Tom Middleton /...
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    Zika the saviour

    If you love Zika, have you also checked out old school diseases like AIDS and malaria? Yellow Fever. Doing great things for mankind!
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    Zika the saviour

    White western males - always ready to sacrifice other people's lives or fertility "to save the planet".
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    Zika the saviour

    This is the plot to Utopia. Applauding this as a positive development for humanity reeks of misanthropy and eugenics, especially when this is likely to affect the third world disproportionately.
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    My 1001 song playlist. Just for you London (and surrounding counties)

    Yes!!! It's a wicked tune. 1990 I think? Reminds me of this old rave tune from a similar time:
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    My 1001 song playlist. Just for you London (and surrounding counties)

    Thank you so much for this Luka. What a gargantuan effort - I like the focus too, it's the spirit of London rather than the letter. Such a broad sweep too.
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    Babylon Reggae - spiritual, roots and political reggae

    I'm sticking all my older mixes up on Mixcloud now btw, including this one which is kind of related, themewise:
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    Babylon Reggae - spiritual, roots and political reggae

    It's a really big old UK soundsystem tune too. Play that to anyone who went to those blues parties in the eighties and early nineties, like Manasseh or Saxon and you'll see instant recognition.
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    Babylon Reggae - spiritual, roots and political reggae

    Ah, yes, it's Breakage "Prophesy" - brilliant, brilliant jungle tune. Just love that woman's voice too.
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    Babylon Reggae - spiritual, roots and political reggae

    Hi everyone, I finally finished a reggae mix I started a few years ago, thought you might like to hear it. MP3 version: Streaming: "Here's a selection of Jamaican roots reggae juxtaposed...
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    New grime / dub reggae blogposts

    Hi everyone, this isn't strictly an event, but it is a bit of shameless self promotion - just thought peeps might be interested to know that I'm blogging about music again after a long, long break. Here's a new post taking a tour through some of my favourite grime tracks from the last ten...
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    ok, now you've got me off researching wights on the net. apparently wiht is an old saxon word which was surprisingly broad in meaning - a person or object - but also could refer to evil spirits.
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    A personal history of personal computers - the ZX Spectrum

    Lol. They were reassuringly chunky weren't they? You can't argue with those two big fuck off red buttons. Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoyed it!