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the abyss
Hi everyone, I finally finished a reggae mix I started a few years ago, thought you might like to hear it.

MP3 version:


"Here's a selection of Jamaican roots reggae juxtaposed against UK fast chat, dub and more - culminating with Ranking Ann's astonishing protest against police brutality from the time of the original Brixton riots. Much of the political stuff still feels relevant and topical, which is a sad thing. Much of the British reggae comes from where I live, in South London. Johnny Osbournes heart-rending "13 dead (nothing said)" about the New Cross fire that killed 13 people attending a blues party, which wasn't properly investigated by the police still feels raw (see Transpontine's excellent article about the fire: I've been listening to a lot of British lovers rock recently, and this is really the other side of the coin. Reggae as protest music, spiritual, deep and life affirming. Enjoy."

1. Black Uhuru - Apocalypse
2. Junior Marvin & Dillinger - Roots train
3. Sizzla - Show more love
4. Fabian - Prophesy
5. Terrorists & Lee Scratch Perry - Guerilla Priest
6. Tapper Zukie - Man A Warrior
7. Christel & The Goldmaster Allstars - Government Man
8. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Five Nights Of Bleeding (For Leroy Harris)
9. Johnny Osbourne - 13 dead (Nothing said)
10. Toyan- How The West Was Won
11. Yabby You - Conquering Lion
12. Ranking Joe - Zion High
13. Ranking Ann - Kill the police bill


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Fabian - Prophesy
please point me in the direction of tune that sampled this


the abyss
Prophecy is one of those spine tingling hair raising tunes that never gets old.

It's a really big old UK soundsystem tune too. Play that to anyone who went to those blues parties in the eighties and early nineties, like Manasseh or Saxon and you'll see instant recognition.