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  • check yer dms m8 im going to sleep now you're on the bord of directors you gotta give instructions to the manager.
    thank you mirror man. send me an email
    and i'll send you some david jones.
    yr box is full!

    hey, consider submitting work to chain

    a good friend of mine founded it
    i think you may be a kindred soul

    theres a real sloppiness that pervades everything here. the way people dress, the food they eat, the buildings they erect, the music they play etc. i find it quite distressing. i like things to be done well, with pride. and here thats very rarely the case. the sydney dream is drinking enormous quantites of weak lager in front of the sport on tv, preferably while wearing a vest and a pair of shorts. maybe im being a bit harsh but after 2 years i feel like i have some right to cast judgement. i'd move back to auckland in a shot, or even melbourne.
    (big contrast with auckland in this respect) then at the same time you have the hostility, random violence, drug addicts etc. on the other hand living is cheap and easy. the city is surrounded by national parks the size of wales(literally) the blue mountains are stunning. you can see lizards the size of dinosaurs. parrots etc. if i had made some friends im sure i would be enjoying it a lot more but i don't know anyone who shares my interests. whether thats my fault or a reflection on the city itself or just sheer bad luck its hard to say. certainly i never had any problems in nz where i made many friends for life. if you're on this side of the world i would head for melbourne, auckland and wellington as far as cities go and just use sydney as a base to explore the mountains.
    there is very little going on in terms of music. its very much pub rock country. the newspapers are comically bad. all the good things about urban living are absent. the pubs are very grim. the cafes and resturaunts are very bad and tend to close at about 9.30pm. theres a very provincial, parochail feeling. people don't want to find out about things. very closed minded.
    i am a londoner thats right. i have an australian girlfriend. i also have a new zealand passport courtesy of my mum. this allows me to live and work in australia without restrictions. cathy would have trouble living in the uk for any length of time as the visa requirements are pretty tough.
    so i moved in part for her and in part becasue i was in a rut. dead end job. ounce of skunk a week habit.
    pissed off about various things. hating the weather. and missing the southern hempishere. (i loved in auckland for 3 years) as to whether i like it, well, its a tough one. as a city i dislike it. you have a lot of the problems associated with big cities and few of the benefits.
    oh i thought you were a londoner. that is where you moved from yes? why the move may i ask? and how do you like it?
    ha, southern hemisphere zhao! i moved to sydney two years ago.
    i'm sure i have read dissensus at 7am before though.
    you crazy bastard reading dissensus at 7AM saturday like me. late night or early morning?
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