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  • empty mirror - what's the significance of the death image? Where is it from?
    SHAZAAAAM! i love notion of sonically transmitted disease
    was that spacemen 3 that were trying to make the audience lose control of their bowels using certain frequencies?
    soundbwoy risen from the dead to dance with unfortunate mortals cursed with aural disease.
    Albam - their jeans and shirts look nice - designer shoes - a major gripe of mine, I just cant find decent black boots - what really annoys me is that church's, loake, grenson, buttero, augusta etc all make for the major labels - pretty much that same shit......but paul smith, ralph lauren, CCP, all charge an extra arm and a leg for it when the design is hardly different and the production run size comparable...... Jill Sanders Churches, CCPs Augustas were almost identical to the shoemakers normal models- runs of similar size I expect too - really makes it hard to justify 'investing in the aesthetic' when its just a straight copy rebranded - bah......

    Oh check out Volga Linen - Id like a nightshirt! I would awake upon a moonlit summers night following bacchanalian pursuits and diversions.....hohoho..... only to howl at the moon and curse the devil amongst the trees.....
    - hehe - sarcasm doesn't always translate,

    "like, uh babies need, like shit in different size's, cause, like, there feet grow and stuff" - dont take offense if/when me and my girl get into that it will be organic egyptian cotton, silk, bamboo, cashmere socks -

    Deathprod - looks interesting, ill share some files with another illegal P2P user...

    You seem very into conspiracy/occult stuff..... is this some hyperstitionshit? some cyclonopedian tip??? Have you checked CCRU??? Really enthralling stuff...

    Eggs....errr yeah...... I really blush when im reading that stuff on the train..

    Woman of the dunes - incredible, eerie, claustrophobic japanese film from the 60s -
    fatherhood dude! i am psyched. i am pretty into baby gear right now. thing is, babies need things in different sizes. like socks, you know, as their feet get bigger, so does their socks.

    yeah i read story of the eye. never look at eggs the same way (did i get that right?)
    reading cyclonepedia now---you finish that? i am 70 pages in, diluting it with som murakami
    oh, also been leafing through Zolar's Book of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge to learn more about the Dark Satellite but the dude rambles without getting to the point. also been trying to penetrate Morals and Dogma while listening to the Deathprod album of the same title but it is not revealing much about the DS----that is supposed to be known to illuminati only so that is not surprising.

    i used to have a subscription to The Wire but i ran out of funds. good rag. love The Wire television program. i have a nightmarish Baltimore story i will share with you sometime. think: aged 16, 2 AM, cluelessness.

    will check out Woman of the Dunes. have no idea what it is at the moment.
    everytime i see a PM from you i think it is a new thrak
    yeah so...

    albam---looks good. i saw an albam thrak on sufu. the shoes are just quoddys marked up. i am sympathetic to the aesthetic yes

    i have not been buying gear, either. just mad clearance stuff (today i got some wool EG pants for a hundo instead of three hundos)
    1000 characters ( simpsons right??!?! ;-) ) - c'mon!

    heres the other nonsensical text..... the infinitely typing chimps are not doing so well today..... in time...

    STORY OF THE EYE, ( eek caps ).... picked it up after stumbling across Bataille far to many many times and watching 'Ma Mere'... Im listening to all sorts Autechre, Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool, Melvins, Sunn O))), Boris, Eno, Pixies, Sonic Youth,....playing guitar alot by myself..... Feeling indifferent towards 'fashion' - im just unsatisfied with most of the stuff out there - would rather make my own - if I could - every product seems a compromise ( actually though check out ALBAM....imagine A(nonymous)PC but british - they have caught my fickle desperate gaze.... ) .........seeing as Ill get 6 cents to the pound and 9 yen international purchases are less and less tempting.
    Exercise is nice, keeps one focused - although I recently had £1k worth of custom built bike half inched - gutted. Speaking of crime im almost chronically obsessed with THE WIRE, ( actually the independently published avant garde electronica and alternative music 'zine of the same name is something you should check out - if you haven't already.... ) - yeah - the wire... fine fine TV.... shits deep.

    Woman of the Dunes is a great film by the way.

    I cant even comprehend the idea of fatherhood - ( I was going to type more here but gushing about how life changing/amazing it would be seems silly as I just cant imagine it.....whoa ) - I hope its all positive and healthy for both though man.
    yo dude

    happy new year bluhd

    what bataille are you reading? i've only read Tears of Eros and Story of the Eye. I ought to read On Nietzsche.

    yeah i dunno----that's a barbour. predates my message board days. probably my favorite garment still, heh.

    exercise eh? sounds novel.

    preparing for fatherhood myself. just two months now.

    take care

    heya diddy - is your avatar image from Tarkovskys 'Mirror'??? -

    Saw your wywt, nice fit yo..... barbour jacket too right???

    Happy 2009 by the way.

    Im reading bataille.

    Havent been posting much on the forums.... havent been interested in them too much either, re-discovering the pleasures of exercising.

    Keep well.

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