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  • Hmm, seems not to have worked. splitting it into a couple of chunks and putting it on mediafire seems the only way left, i'l do that.
    Tried just now and it's put me above my monthly limit straight away :p If you want I can try send it by Yousendit if you give me your email
    my plan is this------play ENO during (my wife's) labor and play Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds for Baby after she delivers. then kraftwerk through adolescence. aphex twin into the teenaged years. then philip jeck and william basinski once she turns 18.

    i will check out the japanese.

    i too cannot wait to have a break, a smoke, and a quick trek through the woods, along the stream...

    Brian Eno - Good stuff. Id like to listen to more modern isolationism.

    Ji Dachun was the japanese artist I had - Book is with me now :) - check him out.

    I cant wait have a brak from work and read and listen and think and walk for a while.
    oh this thing. yeah i just donated my TWIN PEAKS box on VHS. hoping for the DVD. i actually had the DVD set in my hands at a flea market but the seller said "is it good?" and i said "NO!" emphatically. he would not sell it to me.


    ^ that indicates my disappointment

    i am listening to brian eno at the moment. that describes 40 hours of my week.

    i bought a book of steve mcqueen photos by that recently dead photographer claxton howl III.

    i am going to open up a little boutique called Gilligan's Aisle. White bucket hats only.

    your mother
    Hey man, - Yay! Despite "britain grinding to a halt as snow smothers her spirit" ..... I received TWIN PEAKS complete box set to ease the edge off my THE WIRE come down.

    Im not listening to any music right now.

    Bought a great book by a contemporary japanese artist from IKON and left it at home, forgot how much I love contemporary art.
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