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  • just finished listening to NGOMA VOL. 3, (sick by the way), and this tune "no fear" by dj clock is some next shit.

    where did you get it?! can i have it?
    Dear Zhao
    I've just seen the vid link you posted last month on Dissensus about the logobi dancing kids in Champigny. I wanna say mega thanks for this, since I didn't know about it, even if these kids live like a few train stops away from my place. I found the music and dancing totally great. Where did you get it from? Some French guy? And are you familiar with any of the tracks heard on the various logobi vids? Because it doesn't sound to me like "proper" coupe decale, it's kind of ruffer and semi-euro sounding... I guess it's the new generation of west african dance producers, probably working from Paris rather than Abidjan...

    Thanks again for this and generally for the different waters blog which I really love. Oh and let me know if you want me to u/l rare Ocora or VGE stuff (like the Kenya awesome double CD, the incredible Ethiopia polyphonics anthology, or some amazing Niger tribal stuff), we got all we want here in parisian record libraries.

    Have a nice day!

    Etienne Menu
    kind sir, any chance of re-upping that reich early works jawn that you posted on yr blog?

    Hi there -
    Though I am not Cambodian, I'm a giant fan of Khmer oldies. ( I made the video for Penh Jet Thai Bong Mouy that who put in one of your posts a couple weeks back.) I'm not sure how familiar you are with Khmer oldies, but let me tell you that there is a huge variety of songs in every genre you can think of, and some you can't, so you should not let the Cambodian Rocks series be the end of your journey. (However, if you want to ever know the name of a song or singer from those albums, I have all that info.) Also something to keep in mind - many, if not most, of the copies of songs out there have been manipulated by more modern producers, so they have added beats, usually not very good ones either.
    While I sure don't know everything about Khmer oldies, I think there may only be a dozen or so white people who know as much as I do, lol. So if you ever have a question or anything like that, you can hit me up.
    Oh if you like the mix would you mind leaving a comment on the thread to bump it up again.
    did you get my email?
    i just realized my old email is linked to this site so i am thinking that if you responded, it went there... wherever there is.

    hey zhao, i was on the thread about antiquarian music and Mississippi records?? would love to have a listen of that stuff you wrote about, any chance of a link??
    thanks in advance. btw really dig your mixes and general angle.

    well i never noticed but how much of the tofu did you eat??? i guess enough to make a gastronomical difference? but if you treat it like salt and just use a tiny amount i don't think it will do that? but yeah we are probably also built different. wheat and cheese are not good for my digestion... and makes me fart (and my girlfriend laugh)
    the pickled bamboo is the one. the pickled tofu makes me fart. do you find that or are we built differntly?
    Hi Zhao,

    I'm wondering if its possible I could send you a copy of my debut album, possibly for review? It'll come as a complete CD package with liner notes, full artwork and a press release. Please get back to me with info on how to send you this.

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