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  • Hi, PM was just thanking you for the tunes and saying I'd send you some thoughts on them. Which I will do very soon!
    I know it's great, got any other good r&b recommendations? I love Cassie, Ciara, some of The Dreams less soppy moments sure there must be more recent stuff i'm missing.
    Yeah a pint would be good I live on Graham Rd just off Mare St if you're heading this way again any time soon?
    I've been in touch with Jim (turns out we actually have an old acquaintance in common) and he said he thought I should be playing out and would come if I was but he didn't make any suggestions of promoters who might be interested or anything.
    When you say must nick some ideas off there...... do you produce?
    Yeah, I know what you mean!

    Well, the guy I know off Dissensus, Jim, is really into kwaito for a start...don't think he plays out much any more, but he may well have some contacts.

    I'm def. gonna have to think some more about the possibility of running an occasional night....

    I'm in Brixton, which still has a bit of its former lustre (if that's the right word). Have been around Mare Street a few times recently while exploring the East End and its environs.

    If you fancy a beer sometime and a chat about music involvement, let me know!

    PS re your first mix, just how good is that Ciara song? Floors me every time - must nick some of the ideas off there....
    Yeah i'm sure there are people on Dissensus who know promoters I just don't know how to get them to pay any attention to me........
    Oh well i'll just keep plugging away and hope for the best, if you know anyone else who would fit sonically with what i'm doing and who's up for tryin to start something please point em my way.
    Where abouts are you based by the way?
    I'm Hackney Central
    Yeah, liking the fact you're plucking records from dancehall, bleep n bass, kwaito and Chicago house as well as the more recent UK stuff.

    Ah, don't know any promoters I'm afraid - not my world! Sure someone on Dissensus will though.

    Well, I don't have any experience in the night-setting-up thing, but I'm just curious to see if I could do a better job than some people seem to be doing! I want to get more involved too on a hands-on level - would be easier if I DJ-ed (will learn at some point...), but i figure there are lots of talented DJs around. Saw one of the guys off here DJ on Friday at Cargo, but there were so few people listening...must've been trying his patience.

    I'm sure some of my friends would like to get involved, given a little push. I'm keen to do something active rather than passive with music at the moment, much as I love listening to new records...
    That looks fucking excellent again. You really should play this stuff out (I know I've said this before, so sorry for sounding like a broken record)!

    After going to lots of crappy nights in London (aside from the nights that are advertised in Dissensus like Night Slugs, basically, which are excellent), I am half in mind to try setting up a night somewhere in London (getting some friends involved etc). Not something ultra-contemporary (that base is too well covered by Dissensus regulars already), but with killer pop records both obscure and legendary (50-50 balance between the two)...
    Cheers dude, dowloaded it earlier. Should listen and report back tomorrow I think. But I expect good things!
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