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  • Yeah i'm sure there are people on Dissensus who know promoters I just don't know how to get them to pay any attention to me........
    Oh well i'll just keep plugging away and hope for the best, if you know anyone else who would fit sonically with what i'm doing and who's up for tryin to start something please point em my way.
    Where abouts are you based by the way?
    I'm Hackney Central
    Don't worry that's the sort of broken record i'm quite happy to listen to :)
    Your comments are much appreciated!
    If you know any promoters who might be interested please send them my way, it's really hard to get people to have a listen.
    Alternatively if you're thinking of setting a night up I'd be really interested, I'm into all kinds of music tend to play more dance stuff just cos you can do more creatively with it in the mix.
    Really just looking to get involved in stuff and meet some more like minded people, my friends are all artists or failed artists and it gets a little bit much at times, they're up for going out to stuff but none of them actually does anything related to music.
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