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est malade
i'll start with my sick ficus. its leaves are turning yellow and falling off from the bottom up (the leaves and stem are otherwise healthy). i water it very lightly now and the shedding has abated somewhat, i also changed the soil and pot from a plastic thing to ceramic but i wonder if this is too much change at once. it looks messed up. advice would be appreciated.


est malade
another thing i would like to ask is what to do to keep soil healthy. what i do is poke holes in it (assuming it needs oxygen) but i wonder if one should change the soil every so often or mix it with different soil. and what natural household stuff can be used, if any. i'm completely new at actively keeping plants and don't want them to suffer the same fate as the poor ficus.


flora will need some time, be patient not hasty and let her adjust to her new pot/earth & so on,

nice to see ya bruno :)


est malade
that is excellent advice, sufi, i'll keep an eye on it for the time being. nice to see you, too!


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is the water able to drain away from the container?

you don't want the roots to be waterlogged


est malade
yes, it's a clay (not ceramic) pot with a hole at the bottom. the last pot also had holes, but as the plant had outgrown it the roots were a hard compact mass, impeding the draining of water (this is my theory). the base of the stem was humid, now that i remember, it was a sinister pot and i gave it too much water. forgive me, ficus!
Tried to find a gardening thread but this is the only one.

Bored shitless so I've started trying to trim back all the shit in the garden and make it habitable for the summer. Loads of complicated ecosystems out there though

Here are some vague things I will be googling-

There's a big bush at the back that's getting strangled with ivy- how do you kill off the ivy while keeping the plant alive
Why do the thorned gooseberry (I think) bushes keep popping up everywhere and why do they want to take over the place
Grass moss

Have cut down four ratty little trees to allow two bigger ones to breathe

I will use this as a garden diary now honestly it's a fucking mess
I've got a pear tree that we're trying to give a bit more space so have sacrificed some little shit things that were invading it's space

otherwise i am going to grow a load of tomatoes

lay a bit of decking to sit and drink on