What are you growing?


I have a good range of curcubitae,

nasturtiums & borage, which i never grew before

Tayberries are my current favorite things though - soft fruits time!


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I've got a chilli plant from waitrose on the window sill I've managed to keep alive for a couple of weeks so far. Needs a lot of water.


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Cheese plant, aka Monstera deliciosa, first houseplant I've ever had, I love watching it.


Sufi has a 3 acre allotment in Haringey
there is a grain of truth behind this
allotments are measured in rods and poles i believe

anyone fancy some horticulture up north london is more than welcome


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I've a small orchard in the front garden - 3 apple trees, 2 pears and one plum plus a load of lavender. The slate is arranged in whorls that I have to tidy up sometimes.

Back garden has a pond with around 50 fish, dragonflies, pond skaters, frogs and a rat or two (I've been trapping them and setting them free on the Downs). There's a rockery with water pouring out of it into the pond. A trampoline, summerhouse and other garden trappings.

The previous owner grew bonsai trees and was a bit handy, so there's a Japanese theme to everything.

The neighbours keep chickens and bring around frogs they've found now and then. My mother in law delivered a rescued newt here last month, but it sank or dissolved, never seen it again. Herring gulls take our fish sometimes, less often now we have a dog. A big murder of crows lives in the wood nearby, hundreds of them, they're coming back to roost right now. There are skylarks on the rampion-strewn hill behind that

It all beats the fire escape, billboard and burnt-out chippy i had for a back garden in Acton 20 years ago.
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