Cheap Eats in London


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has to be edible...

bhel puri house on marchmont st for lunch
that pie and mash shop in greenwich
thai avenue on stratford high st
ravi shankar on drummond st
the noodle house in greenwich, the one thats near the pie shop
some of those vietnamese places on kingsland road
that sweet and spicy place on brick lane, whitechapel end
bow cafe in stratford

i''ll think of some more later
please contribute to this valuable data base


Bamber Clatscoigne
luka said:
oh, that lahore place just off commercial rd
I'm not stalking you Luka, food is something i take seriously.

New Tayyab
Studio 6 in Gabriel's Wharf on the South Bank for the best burger in town. It sounds up itself, but it's just a wooden shack really and fairly inexpensive.
Rive Gauche sandwich shop in Warren Street. This is the best of the lot really. Best sandwiches and hot food to takeaway I've had in London. I used to go there two or three times a week when I worked round there. The last sandwich I had was shredded duck, foie gras and rocket with crispy onion bits. Came to about £3 for more than i could eat. They also do cassoulet, sausages and lentils and all kinds of pasta. If Marchmont street is near enough for lunch, you should check this place out.


Bamber Clatscoigne
mind_philip said:
Are you making that sandwich up??? It sounds incredible.
No, but it was made up, fresh, before my very eyes. It was a new one they were trying, no idea if it caught on because, sadly, I haven't had an opportunity to go back since this time last year. It was delicious. Too many and you'd have to have your coronaries pipecleaned.


was minusone
tre viet up mare street near madigans & the turkish next door to it
pretty much any okcabasi (alright I admit I can't spell it or pronounce it) up kingsland road / stoke newington high st
diwali on drummond street (shabbier than ravi but food slightly has the edge imo)
if £3 is the limit of your budget you can do worse than the chapel market indian veg buffet
lido cafe off upper regent street towards the back of bhs - cheap safe haven from the west end
japanese place next to the rice wine shop on brewer street ditto but less cheap
duck & rice in chinatown ie canton in new place off end of gerrard street

Jim Daze

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Mess Cafe, Amhurst Rd
Hong Viet, Engerfield Rd
Cafe Alba, Bethnal Grn Rd
Hai Ha, Mare Strt
Springfield Cafe, Springfield marina, on the canal


thread death
the place below - a cafe underneath st mary le bow, on cheapside - great vegetarian stuff and even cheaper if you go before 12
st ethelburga's - ely place just off high holborn, small, out of the way lunch place in the oldest catholic churh in london - father kit's red is a delight!
i think wagamamas can be very reasonably priced if you go for the big bowls of noodles and opt for the free green tea, complete with free refills!